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Inspired in equal measure by the throbbing urbanity of coastal cities, continental European art-rock experimentation, and improvised electronic minimalism, Jonas Reinhardt’s music transcends its influences into a wholly unique amalgam. 

Armed with a battery of synthesizers, drum machines, and effects, Jonas writes music that is at times stark and spare and at others lush and all-encompassing; all the while keeping an underlying rhythmic pulse just beneath the surface. Jonas describes his technique as ‘a spirited conversation between man,machines, and the ecstatic truth of the chaotic unknown.’ Jonas carefully constructs melodies and rhythmic foundations then pushes the limits of recording to the sonic fringes and beyond. The effect is a warm, hauntingly familiar sound bounded by unpredictability.

He has released music with Kranky, Further Records, Not Not Fun, 100% Silk, Kraak, and Great Pop Supplement and has been covered in The Wire, Resident Advisor, FACT, XLR8R, Self-Titled, and Dusted among others. His music has been featured in the Tate Modern, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF MOMA, and the MUTEK festivals.